Innovation and Commercialization

Maremonte Group works with organizations of all stages and sizes to realize the value of thier produce and business innovations. Maremonte Group brings an extensive network of government and business relationships to help monitize your innovation opportunities.


Innovation and Commercialization – Maremonte Group offers a unique combination of been there done that experience, a well tested and proven commercialization methodology and professional resources that provide early-stage companies and new product developers with the essential foundation for decreasing risk and maximizing success.


Maremonte Group offers a comercialization methodology that supports a process from concept to exit.  From developing a whole product, an executable business plan and providing the life cycle financing required at the appropriate stages.





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Financial Management

Profit Improvement:


Timely & Accurate management prepared financials


Financial Management – It’s critical that you have current, accurate and appropriately detailed management financials for review by your management team on at minimum, a monthly basis. You need to understand and use these management prepared financial statements to manage and grow your business. We can help prepare your internal financial statements for use by your management team. Your year end accountant will also benefit by having to make fewer adjustments at year end.


Inventory and other balance sheet reconciliations


Reconciliation is the process of comparing information that exists in two systems, analyzing differences and making corrections so that the information is accurate, complete and consistent in both systems. Balance sheet accounts should be reconciled on a periodic and timely basis to verify that all items were correctly posted to the account. Without performing reconciliations, inaccurate recording of transactions may occur that would result in incorrect reporting and could impact resources. If you are in the business of inventory, you need to ensure that the balance sheet and the stock ledger are in balance and provide a reasonable estimation of inventory on hand.


Forecasting and Planning


Adequate financial planning is a key element in the success of your business and not just for your NEW businesses. Indeed, planning and forecasting are tools often ignored by businesses already established but they are important keys to survival and growth providing the blueprint to financial viability and stability by planning, evaluating and controlling the business. Like a road map, the plan will provide the WHAT in terms of your business goals with both short term and long term financial forecasting and budgeting establishing the business strategy or the HOW to your goals. We can help you develop a realistic, simple and flexible business plan.


It is important to know how your business has performed in the past and compare your current results to past performance. It is even more important to know how your business should perform going forward and any variance between actual performance and forecasted performance.


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Competitive Intelligence

Description. Analysis. Prediction.

A successful company knows their marketplace and their competition. They understand their competition’s corporate culture and capabilities. Enabling them to put this information together to predict future moves, keeping one step ahead.
Competitive Intelligence – Maremonte Groups partners success is in taking all three essential intelligence keys and delivering them to clients in a timely, organized manner that will get your team thinking in new directions.
Eighty percent of our work is based on primary research, which means we get key interviews with knowledgeable sources to deliver you insights you can’t find anywhere else.


We make sure your team has all the tools they require at their fingertips, in order to make the best decisions for your organization.  Together we can ensure that your organization achieves focus, stays sharp, and gets ahead.  Our team is capable of handling every aspect of the CI function, and we’ll even put a little twist on things to show you ways to get insights that you hadn’t considered.


  • Primary Intelligence - The core foundation of our work.
  • Secondary Research – Monitoring and tracking database sources.
  • In-Depth Analysis - Predictive intelligence.
  • War-Games - Challenge your team to think like the opposition.
  • Conference Coverage - Extensive experience in face to face elicitation of information.
  • Counter Intelligence - How to block your competition from learning about you.


Maremonte Group can help you identify, understand and integrate outstanding practices and processes for a higher performance.



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Productivity Improvement

Increasing market share, defending margins, optimizing capacity, creating new capacity and making operations more cost effective are just some of the ways that Maremonte clients get the most out of thier business. Maremonte Group works with companies who are in the business of growing and are looking to improve their current level of productivity, whether that be through increased automation or adopting lean practices.


Productivity Improvement – Through a comprehensive no-cost analysis, the Maremonte team identifies cost savings and revenue improvement opportunities within your company. Based on a favourable business case, we then use our structured approach to foster change, train staff and open up profit bottlenecks.


By using a methodology our team can provide you with long-term, sustainable benefits:

  • Technical improvements – what gets done, by whom and how well.
  • Behavioural changes – increased levels of management and employee engagement to continuously strive to be better than the competition.


Some of the specific services provided by Maremonte consultants include:

  • Lean process transformation;
  • 5S workplace organization;
  • Visual management;
  • Cost containment.


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